Fulton County Fair Foundation Trivia Contest

Several folks have been asking for the answers to the Fair Foundation Trivia Contest, here they are…

  1. The Fair Foundation was founded in what year?  1998
  2. Who began the first BBQ Chicken Dinners? Aetna Grange
  3. Since 1960 what was the name of the company that brought performers to the Fair? Klein’s Attraction – Peg Kaltenbach
  4. What year was the Dairy and Beef Barns moved? 1995
  5. Merchant Bldg. #3 was built from what other building? Old Grandstand
  6. The first Fulton County Fairgrounds consisted of how many acres? 10 acres
  7. The present Grandstand was built in what year? 1950
  8. Where was the first Fair located? East of Ottokee
  9. What Family was behind organizing the Fulton Co. Agricultural Society? Howard Family
  10. The first Jr. Fair Livestock Sale was in 1955, what was the location? Lugbell’s Auction – Archbold
  11. How old is the Fulton County horseshoe Tournament? 59 years
  12. What was the event in 1959 that started to honor married couples? Golden Wedding Party
  13. Who is the present Fair Director from Swancreek Township? Ron Holdeman
  14. How many Directors are there on the Sr. Fair Board? 15
  15. The Bolander Family have been apart of the Fair for 60 years, what do they provide? Rides, Poor Jacks
  16. What does the United Veterans do special on Saturday of Fair? Bean Dinner
  17. The Fair Foundation was founded to do what? Raise, Receive and Invest Donations
  18. What organization started the free shuttle service? Fulton County Christian churches
  19. Who started the Gospel Tent? WPOS-FM Radio
  20. Where is the Agricultural Hall Fame located? Merchant Bldg. #2