2020 – what a year of new discoveries.  As we move through the process of conducting a Junior Fair only in 2020, we appreciate everyone’s patience and willingness to work inside the guidelines. We want to acknowledge the efforts of the Ohio State University Extension Fulton County and the Fulton County Fair Livestock Sale Committee – there have been countless meetings, hard decisions to be made, and tons of questions to be asked.  We also appreciated the guidance and support of the Fulton County Health Department, Sheriff’s Department, and all our first responders.

Our Fulton County Jr. Fair Advisors including 4-H Advisors and Agricultural Education Teachers, have gone above and beyond. Your leadership in this challenging time has been appreciated beyond measure.  And to our Junior Fair Youth and parents – Congratulations! – for pushing through with hard work and determination to make the best of things and your willingness to learn and grow.  We look forward to highlighting each of you in our 2020 Junior Fair Online Showcase – more information coming soon.

As previously stated, all Still Projects will be judged prior to Fair. For those who have animals, below is an outline of the schedule and guidelines that have been put in place to offer the safest and best experience possible.  While there are some details to be filled out, we wanted to communicate what we know as of July 10, 2020.


NOTE: Scales in the above schedule refers to the species’ barn for weigh-in.


For printable schedules, select below:

2020 Jr. Fair Schedule and Guidelines:

  1. All animals will enter through Gate K, except horses. HORSES enter through Gate F. All other traffic should enter through Gate A.
  2. Passes/wrist bands will be provided for exhibitor and immediate family via Jr. Fair Advisors prior to the start of the 2020 Junior Fair. There is no fair gate admission
  3. DUNF forms, hogs ractopamine forms, feeder calf vaccination forms, and scrappies slips will still need to be completed and turned in at the respective species scale locations. The 840 ID tag number will be added at the scale upon arrival.
  4. There will be no bedding for animals on the grounds. If you bring your own, you MUST clean up your area or pen before leaving.    If this is not done your premium check will be held.
  5. 2nd Feeder Calf Sale — 1 hour after feeder calf show in the Dairy Barn
  6. All MARKET animals will be loading out each evening after shows are complete. We are still a terminal show.
  7. Grand and Reserve Champion animals must stay on the Fairgrounds until drug tests are complete. Rabbits and Chicken are exempt from drug testing. Exhibitors must continue to feed and water their animal.
  8. Custom Kills – please note or check the box on Blue Ribbon Online when making entries to help with load numbers.
  9. There will be no Showman of Showmen this year.
  10. We will not be pre-assigning pens, except for horses. Placement will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Who can attend the 2020 Fair?

A: Jr. Fair will be open to youth with animal exhibitions and their immediate family members, Fulton County Jr. Fair Advisors including 4-H Advisors and Agricultural Education Teachers, and other pre-designated volunteers.  The Junior Fair Advisors will provide the appropriate number of wrist bands for the youth and their immediate family.

Q: What about Grandparents, other family members, and friends?

A: We are currently looking into the logistics of live-streaming the animal judging so grandparents and others can watch online.

  1. Will there be food vendors on the grounds.
  2. Yes, there will be a limited number of food vendors.
  3. Will the restrooms and showers be open.
  4. Yes. We will also have hand sanitizer and wash stations throughout the grounds.
  5. What guidelines do we need to follow for the health and safety of everyone.
  6. As of July 10, 2020, masks are recommended but not required, this is subject to change. It is important to follow the CDC and State of Ohio’s guidelines for physical distancing, good hygiene – washing hands, using hand sanitizer, etc.
  7. Can I wash my animal at the Fair or bring grooming benches/racks?
  8. Yes, we encourage you to bring whatever you need to prepare your animal for show. For the safety of all involved, the more we can eliminate going back and forth between exhibitors, the better.
  9. Will the Livestock Auction be live, if so, who can attend?
  10. The Auction will be conducted in the Spangler Arena, we are still finalizing the details as to holding this virtually and/or live. Only the Junior Fair exhibitor will go into the sale ring. We will be taking photos of the exhibitors with their animals on show day and displaying the photos during the auction.  More information regarding the auction will be communicated closer to Fair.

Q: Can we camp at the Fair?

A: Camping will be allowed for Jr. Fair youth (and their immediate family/guardians) who are assigned a back-tag number and are registered to show.  Fulton County Jr. Fair Advisors including 4-H Advisors and Agricultural Education Teachers, and other pre-designated volunteers may also camp.

All eligible campers listed above must register by calling Jamie Buehrer, Camping Director, at 419-410-6208 by August 1.   No one will be able to enter the campgrounds for camping unless you have called to register.

Cost is $20 per night.  More details regarding additional registration requirements and information will be posted soon.