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163rd Fulton County Junior Fair

September 4 - 10, 2020

Fair Office Hours

Scheduled Dates
Regular Hours (Monday – Thursday)
9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
August 31 – September 10 (Monday – Thursday)
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Fair Admission

The 2020 Jr. Fair is open to youth with animal exhibitions and their immediate family members and other pre-designated volunteers. A wristband is required for admission.  No one will be allowed to enter the Fair without a wristband.  If you are with the media, please contact us for arrangements. If you are interested in participating in the Jr. Fair Livestock Sale, please visit the Livestock Sale page for additional information.  

Junior Fair Showcase, Judging & Facebook Live Schedule

We appreciate that friends and family of our Jr. Fair youth may be disappointed that they can’t  watch the judging in person – good news, we will be live streaming the judging on Facebook Live.  We will utilize the Fulton County Fair Facebook page, the Ohio State University Extension-Fulton County Facebook page, and the Fulton County Saddle Club Facebook page. Please go follow these accounts so you don’t miss any of the action.  Below is the Jr. Fair judging schedule, along with the Facebook page that it will be streamed on.  Want to know the order of the show and who is participating?  Simply download the Show Bill for each species. 

And last but not least, head over to the 2020 Junior Fair Showcase page.  This highlights all the youth how have been involved in the 2020 Jr. Fair – whether that’s with a still project or an animal project. We also feature the 10 & 11 Year Members and the 4-H Royalty. It’s our way of showcasing these amazing youth and all the have accomplished this year.

   6 PM — Flag Raising Ceremony, Spangler Arena — Fulton County Fair
   6 PM — Beef Breeding, Spangler Arena — Fulton County Fair  

   8 AM — Horse, Pony & Donkey Show — 
Fulton County Saddle Club 
11 AM — Goats, Sale Arena — Ohio State University Extension-Fulton County
   1 PM — Feeder Calves (Dairy, Beef), Spangler Arena — Fulton County Fair

  8 AM — Horse, Pony & Donkey Show Fulton County Saddle Club 
  1 PM — 
Poultry, Sale Arena — Ohio State University Extension-Fulton County
  1 PM — Rabbits, Spangler Arena— Fulton County Fair 
  4 PM — 
Sheep, Sale Arena — Ohio State University Extension-Fulton County

 11 AM — Horse, Pony & Donkey Show Awards —  Fulton County Saddle Club
   1 PM — 
Horse Versatility —  Fulton County Saddle Club
   1 PM — Dairy Cow, Spangler Arena — Ohio State University Extension-Fulton County
    2 PM — Hogs (Gilts, Barrows), Sale Arena —  Fulton County Fair 

     9 AM — 
Dogs – Agility, Spangler Arena — Fulton County Fair 
     9 AM — 
Dogs, Sale Arena — Ohio State University Extension-Fulton County
     5 PM — Steers, Spangler Arena — Fulton County Fair

     6 PM — 
Small Animal Sale, Spangler Arena — Fulton County Fair 

     9 AM — 
Large Animal Sale, Spangler Arena — Fulton County Fair 
     Flag Lowering Ceremony, Spangler Arena — Fulton County Fair
     following Livestock Sale.

Junior Fair Livestock Sale

The Fulton County Junior Fair Livestock Sale will be held live in the Spangler Arena on Wednesday, September 9 & Thursday, September 10. The Sale will also be live streamed for viewing only, no online bidding, on the Fair’s Facebook page, however, people can participant via “Add-ons”.

We invite individuals, groups, and businesses to bid on these locally raised lambs, hogs, goats, poultry, rabbits and cattle. All proceeds go directly to the individual 4-H and FFA exhibitors. The livestock sale is a Buyer Contribution Sale, anyone can participate.  For more information, visit Jr. Fair Livestock Sale page.

Junior Fair Participant's Updates & Guidelines

We have a page dedicated to Junior Fair participants, including various updates, guidelines and FAQ.  For more information visit 2020 Junior Fair.

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