As we are making our way through the planning stages for the 2020 Fulton County Fair, the decision was made to identify Jr. Fair animals on weigh-in day vs prior to Fair at a Tag-in event.  Therefore, the June 6 and August 1 Fulton County Junior Fair Tag-In/Tattoo events have been Cancelled.  This includes June 6: roaster rabbits, market goats, market hogs, market and born and raised lambs, and feeder calves and August 1: fryer rabbits. 

Junior Fair will identifying Fulton County Jr. Fair market animals on weigh-in day at the species scales (except for goats, this will be determined mid summer).  DUNF forms for all species will be collected at the respective species Fair check-in scales and not at the vet check due to needing to write IDs on the DUNF forms and they won’t be assigned at the vet check yet.

Market Rabbits: Jr. Fair will write the exhibitor’s back tag number in the rabbit’s ear with a sharpie at Fair check-in to avoid confusion on the show table.  This means no tattoos will be required for market rabbits in 2020 only!

Market Goats:  An email will be sent to market goat exhibitors with more information later  in the summer when we have a plan in place for goats. Please hold off tattooing market goats with a permanent ID of exhibitor’s choice.

Market Hogs, Feeder Calves, Market and Born and Raised Lambs:  Jr. Fair will tag these animals with a Fulton County Junior Fair issued EID tag when the animal arrives for weigh in on September 3.  Exhibitors are not responsible for getting their own permanent ID for these animals.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Kayla Miller – or Neal Callender – 419-467-0537, Sr. Fair Board Member and Livestock Sale Committee Chair.