Merchants / Vendors

The Fulton County Fair, located at the “Top of Ohio”, is one of the top three fairs in the state of Ohio.  The attendance averages well over 280,000 people, over the 7-day Fair, which is held annually over Labor Day weekend.  It’s located right off the Ohio Turnpike, so people have easy access to this traditional, county fair.  Many variables account for such great attendance, including the people and the quality of the merchants and vendors – it truly is a community that celebrates family values, tradition, and having good clean fun.

The first step in being considered for space is to submit a MERCHANT/VENDOR SPACE REQUEST FORM, this form will be available April 6.  All past year participants have the first right of refusal, (June 1 for Inside Spaces; July 1 for Outside Spaces) then based on the space that is available, and the type of vendor/merchant, requests will be reviewed. Space request forms and updates for Food Trucks/Vendors are also located on our FORMS and DOWNLOAD page.