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Sr. Fair Exhibitors

Sr. Fair Exhibitors

Be a part of the heritage and tradition that started back in 1858, when a group of friends and neighbors formed the Fulton County Agricultural Society.

Back in the day, the county fair was a way to celebrate the hard efforts of the summer by coming together and displaying the crops from the fields and the delectables from the kitchen. The same is true over 160 years later. We welcome all to come and enjoy and enter your talents in a variety of classes. Senior Fair Open classes are open to Fulton County residents as well as non-Fulton County residents.
The printed 2021 Sr. Fair Premium Books are available in various libraries, banks, and local merchants, view a complete list of locations. Here is the online version: 2021 SR FAIR PREMIUM BOOK. To enter, simply download the ENTRY FORM, or you can ENTER ONLINE.

For questions contact us via EMAIL, our CONTACT US page, or by phone at 419-335-6006.

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