Fulton County Junior Fair Exhibitors — Say Cheese!

We know 2020 has been a crazy year for everyone. In lieu of having still projects on display at the Fair and our community walking through the animal barns, we want to highlight our Junior Fair Exhibitors through an online gallery – The 2020 Junior Fair Showcase. This will be a great way for our community to see the efforts of our youth.

To do this, we need all Junior Fair exhibitors to submit a photo of themselves with their project. We realize some youth have more than one project, however, feel free to be creative and showcase as many as you can in one photo, or select your favorite.

Once we receive the photos, a slide show/video will be produced for each 4-H Club and FFA Chapter and will be posted on the Fulton County Fair’s website. Along with the video, we’ll list each member of that club/chapter, their age, parent’s name, and their projects.

So, get those camera’s out and Say Cheese!  Deadline for photo submission is August 2.

Please see the participation release and instructions to submit your photo below.

************************ SHOWCASE INSTRUCTIONS & RELEASE ************************

IMPORTANT – so we can properly ID each Exhibitor, please name your photo file in the following format:
LastName_(underscore)FirstName   e.g. Smith_Mary

Photo Format: Please provide a JPG file

Photo Size: For best clarity, the photo should be 1024 x 768; high resolution; at least 1 MB – 1.5MB

Photo Content: Let’s see your smiling face. Feel free to submit a photo of you interacting with your project(s). Whether that’s you baking in your kitchen, hanging up a bird feeder you made, modeling your sewing project or maybe walking your dog.

Submitting your Photo:  We will be using DropBox to collect the photos. You don’t need to have a DropBox account, simply follow the link below that corresponds to your 4-H/FFA Club.  This invitation to add your file is from Amy Ambrose, she is helping us along with The Kirkums.

  • Find your 4-H Club or FFA Chapter, listed below, hit the Control Key & click on the link to open it up or simply copy and paste it into a new browser window.
  • Once Dropbox page is open, make sure you see your 4-H Club or FFA Chapter at the top of the Dropbox page.
  • Click on “Choose from computer”
  • Find the file on your computer, select it, and hit “Open” – remember, please name your file LastName_FirstName
  • A new screen will come up, hit “Upload”
  • That’s it, your file should be uploaded.


Youth Participation Release:

2020 Fulton County Junior Fair Showcase Youth Participation Release.
To highlight the efforts of the 2020 Fulton County Junior Fair participants, we will be posting photos of each participant’s project on the Fulton County Fair website.  The Ohio State University Extension Fulton County website and various social media pages may also utilize the submitted photos in the future. Participating in this showcase is on a volunteer basis. By submitting a photo, you are giving the authorization to use the photo of the youth on the websites listed above and various social media pages – as these sites and pages are public, others can copy and paste these photos. By submitting a photo, you are releasing the Fulton County Agricultural Society and the Ohio State University Extension Fulton County, their board members, volunteers, and employees from any liabilities, known or unknown, arising out of the use of the photograph.

Submission Deadline: August 2, 2020

How To Videos: Click on one of the links below to watch a short video on how to upload your photo:

Questions: If you need help with uploading your photo, please connect with your club advisor.

4-H Clubs:

419 Kountry Kidz https://Tinyurl.com/419KountyKidz
Becoming Leaders of Tomorrow https://Tinyurl.com/BecomingLeadersofTomorrow
Chesterfield Feeders https://tinyurl.com/ChesterfieldFeeders
Clinton Doodle Bugs https://tinyurl.com/ClintonDoodleBugs
Country Achievers https://tinyurl.com/CountryAchievers
Country Club https://tinyurl.com/CountryClub-4-H
Countryside Clovers https://tinyurl.com/CountrysideClovers
Delta Boosters https://tinyurl.com/DeltaBoosters
Delta Country Gals and Guys https://tinyurl.com/DeltaCountry-G-and-G
Dust and Denim https://tinyurl.com/Dust-and-Denim
Franklin Blue Ribbons https://tinyurl.com/Franklin-Blue-Ribbons
Fulton 4-H Connection https://tinyurl.com/Fulton-4-H-Connection
Fulton County Hoofbeats https://tinyurl.com/Fulton-Co-Hoofbeats
Fulton County Regulators https://tinyurl.com/FultonCoRegulators
Fulton County Sharp Shooters and Showmen https://tinyurl.com/FC-Sharp-Shooters-and-Showmen
Fulton County Stablemates https://tinyurl.com/Fulton-Co-Stablemates
Fulton Fantastics https://tinyurl.com/Fulton-Fantastics
Gainers and Leaders https://tinyurl.com/Gainers-and-Leaders
Goats and “Udder” Things https://tinyurl.com/Goats-UdderThings
Green Team https://tinyurl.com/GreenTeam-4H
Hoppin’ and Trottin’ https://tinyurl.com/Hoppin-and-Trottin
Horse Hogs https://tinyurl.com/Horse-Hogs
Incredible Clovers https://tinyurl.com/Incredible-Clovers
Lucky Livestockers https://tinyurl.com/Lucky-Livestockers
Lyons Lucky Leaders https://tinyurl.com/Lyons-Lucky-Leaders
Noah’s Ark https://tinyurl.com/Noahs-Ark-4H
Pettisville Ever-Ready https://tinyurl.com/Pettisville-EverReady
Pike Kountry Kids https://tinyurl.com/Pike-Kountry-Kids
Pike X-L https://tinyurl.com/Pike-X-L
Post N’ Rail https://tinyurl.com/Post-N-Rail
Roamin’ Country Raisers https://tinyurl.com/Roamin-Country-Raisers
Rough Riders https://tinyurl.com/Rough-Riders-4H
Silver Saddles https://tinyurl.com/Silver-Saddles
Tailwaggers https://tinyurl.com/Tailwaggers-4H
Udder Chaos https://tinyurl.com/Udder-Chaos
Unbridled https://tinyurl.com/Unbridled-4H
FFA Chapters:
FFA – Archbold https://tinyurl.com/FFA-Archbold
FFA – Delta https://tinyurl.com/FFA—Delta
FFA – Evergreen https://tinyurl.com/FFA—Evergreen
FFA- Fayette https://tinyurl.com/FFA—Fayette
FFA – Pettisville https://tinyurl.com/FFA—Pettisville
FFA – Wauseon https://tinyurl.com/FFA—Wauseon