Nashville Crush – In Concert

Thursday, September 10, 2020 7:00 PM

Made up of some of the best musicians in the region, Nashville Crush performs a perfect balance of Country and Rock music. Mix that with their high energy, award winning stage show and you have something that pleases people of all ages.  For the past 5 years Nashville Crush has been performing at some of the biggest clubs, festivals and fairs in the region and are considered one of the best live bands around.

Location: South Stage
Price: Free with Fair gate admission

Market Swine Projects To Be Ractopamine Free


Ractopamine Free Swine Exhibition Letter

With an eye on the international markets, the Fulton County Senior Fair Board has elected to follow the ‘ strong urging by the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) and has opted to require all 2020 Fulton County Junior Fair market swine exhibitors (l)and respective swine breeders (2) to sign the ODA produced waivers stating that (1) their hog has been ractopamine free while in their possession and (2) their hog has been ractopamine free since birth, while in the breeder’s possession. While ractopamine remains a useful and legal product in the US and 26 other countries, meat produced with the aid of ractopamine is banned in 160 countries including China, which imports 27% of US pork. It is hard to believe that junior fair swine from Fulton County can enter international slaughter channels but they can through the local packers our Fair typically sells to.

With this in mind, all 2020 market swine exhibitors and respective breeders will need to complete the ractopamine free.affidavits. The affidavits will be emailed-to all Junior Fair exhibitors enrolled in market swine projects at the end-of April. The affidavits are currently available at for intermediate download. These affidavits state that your projects received no ractopamine while in your possession or in the breeder’s possession must be signed and turned in at weigh-in. At no time during the swine’s lifetime should the swine project receive ractopamine.

Furthermore, trace amounts of ractopamine (trade names Pay lean, Optaflexx, or Engain) fed previous years may remain on your premises through residual manure in pens or trailers, through residue on feeding equipment (troughs, barrels, scoops, bins, augers), and, through residue in the hogs environment (porous pen materials, fan blades, fan housing, gates). All of these-surfaces and utensils must be thoroughly cleaned mechanically, washed thoroughly with soap and water, rinsed and dried prior to use in 2020.

The current tests available to packers and used to insure a ractopamine free-product to the marketplace can detect very minute trace amounts of ractopamine – 0.25ppb (parts per billion). Therefore, it is imperative that if in previous years you have fed ractopamine to project animals, that your equipment, premises, and trailers be thoroughly cleaned as described. · Refusal to submit both signed affidavits will result in rejection of the project at weigh-in at the 2020 Fair.  Testing for ractopamine use in 2020 swine project animals will be at the.discretion of the fair board. “If violators contaminate the market, they will be held liable for all financial losses.  Please contact Neal Callender, Junior Fair Co-Director in Charge, at 419-467-0537 or Kayla Miller, Fulton County 4-H Youth Development Extension Educator, at 419-3 3 7-9210 with any questions. We look forward to a successful ractopamine free 2020 Fulton County Junior Fair.

Neal Callender
Fulton County Senior Fair Board Member, Fulton County Junior Fair Co-Director in Charge

Women’s Day

Wednesday, September 9, 2020  1:00 PM  Veteran’s Pavilion

Special thanks to The Fulton County Association of Ohio Homemakers and Community Education and Ohio State University Extension, Fulton County for organizing this event year after year.  These are fun and informative sessions.

Event Details
Using Essential Oils
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Come and listen how essential oils can boost your immune system during the upcoming Fall and Winter months. Caroline Richer, Owner – All About Health, Wauseon, OH
Schemes, Scams and Rip-offs
Learn about the latest schemes and the steps all of us can take to protect ourselves, including our identities. Richard T. Eppstein, President – Better Business Bureau
Cooking Under Pressure!
Pressure cooking has taken the fast track of internet popularity with recipes and tips. Come learn the basics of how to use this handy appliance safely and effectively. Melissa J. Rupp, Extension Educator, Family and Consumer Sciences, Ohio State University Extension-Wood County

Sponsored by: The Fulton County Association of Ohio Homemakers and Community Education and Ohio State University Extension, Fulton County.

The Van-Dells

Saturday,  September 5, 2020 7:30 PM

The 2020 Futon County Fair just wouldn’t be complete with The Van-Dells. They have become a tradition and are a fan-favorite, year after year. The Van-Dells are “The Nation’s #1 Rock & Roll Review.” They have been entertaining audiences of all ages with their unique blend of comedy, costume changes, choreography and tight harmonies for close to 4 decades. The Van-Dells have been called “The Three Stooges set to music.” Don’t miss this high-energy group as they perform the best of ‘50s and ‘60s music. 

Location: South Stage
Price: Free with Fair gate admission

Classic Car Display (By Invitation Only)

Saturday, September 5, 2020 5:00 PM

In the spirit of the 50s and 60s concert Saturday evening, we’ll have this unique display of classic cars. So stop by, appreciate these treasures from the past and enjoy the free concert featuring  The Van-Dell’s.  Due to limited space, this car display is by invitation only.

Location: Sale Arena (next to South Stage)
Price: Free with Fair gate admission

Six-Horse Hitch Team

South Creek Clydesdales will be on the grounds Saturday, September 5 – Tuesday, September 8.  Located in the south end, Fairgoers can see these beautiful animals up-close. Come watch as the team prepares the 6-horse hitch for their daily parade around the Fairgrounds.

Curtis Johnson inducted into Ohio Fairs Hall of Fame

The Fulton County Agricultural Society is pleased to announce Curtis Johnson of Fayette was inducted into the Ohio Fairs Hall of Fame Class of 2020 for his support to Ohio Fairs Industry and community by The Ohio Fair Managers Association on Sunday, January 5, 2020

Curtis, a lifelong farmer, has always enjoyed the fair and been closely connected to agriculture through involvement with both 4-H and FFA. As a teenager, he and his friends would sleep in the cow barn and trailers during the fair. One particular morning during fair week in 1954, he recalls sleeping in a tent and being awakened by the sound of the turnpike construction. So, it seems only fitting that in 1981 a couple fellows would approach him asking if he would be interested in serving on the Fulton County Fair Board. He remembers thinking that he didn’t have a clue what he was getting himself into. His friends reassured him, “You’ll learn.”

So, began his 32-year tenure in various capacities including Livestock Committee chairperson through 2012. Curt is quick to state that the work of the fair could never be accomplished by one person. It takes a team of dedicated individuals. Curt says, “When I first got on the board, the fair was much smaller.” Reflecting back over his years of service to the fair, Curt recalls many fond memories. For him, the fair has always been a family event. His family helped out at home so he could be at the fair.

His wife Jeanne of almost 50 years served on the Board as secretary for 19 years. Seeing people come together for the fair, for what he calls “wholesome family” fun has been a highlight throughout the years for him.

Educating others about agriculture through the farm is a passion. Closely tied to this passion, is the fond memory of Toledo Public School children visiting the fair for a lesson in rural agriculture and livestock. The children would visit the pig and cow barns and go for a pony ride. Curt recalls a child saying to him that they had never seen real animals!

Curt has strived throughout his years on the Board to look for ways to improve the fair and educate and involve the community on agriculture. In honor of the 150th Fulton County Fair in 2007, having a love of old machinery, he developed an agricultural heritage display which has become a yearly display of over 100 items chronicling the history of agriculture from hand tools to modern day equipment.

Curt, humble in sharing his accomplishments, stresses the importance of the team to pull the fair off.

“Anything I’ve done, I could not have done without the support of other people.” “For me, I like promoting the fair and agriculture.  His passion and love for his county fair continues even though he no longer serves on the Board. He says, “I still go help, get barns ready, do whatever I can do. I’m thrilled to do it.”

During the cold winter months, he spends hours piecing together about 600 video clips and 1200 still photo clips that he and his neighbor have taken during the week of the fair. He enjoys chronicling the week’s events each day and adds music to create a memorable DVD of the previous year’s fair memories. He laughs and says even people who come to the fair every year will tell him that they see something on the video that they didn’t even know went on at the fair.

For someone so passionate about agriculture and the county fair It is this dedication and passion towards the fair and his gratitude towards the people who help, that make Curt very deserving of the honor. For him, it’s simply a matter of doing what he has always loved.

Curt was inducted into the Fulton County Agricultural Hall of Fame 2006 and was Named Outstanding Fair Supporter by the Ohio Department of Agriculture in 2014.

Accepting Applications for Auxiliary Members

Do you have a passion for the Fair?  Do you have a desire to learn what it takes to make it happen?  Want to  work behind the scenes?  Then consider joining our auxiliary team.  We are currently accepting applications for Auxiliary members.  Simply fill out the Auxiliary Application .  In addition to being a part of one of the greatest Fairs in Ohio, you’ll receive a few perks, and have a lot of fun too.

Antique Tractor Display

Fair Week

Do you have an antique tractor, implement or a piece of agricultural history that you’d like to include in our display? If so, please contact the director in charge: Steve Richer @419-822-6510.

With over 100 entries, the Antique Tractor & Farm display features rusted, faded, or bursting with color tractors, implements, and lawn and garden equipment. Prizes are awarded for: Best Original Tractor; Best Original Implement; Best Lawn & Garden; Best Restored Tractor; and Best Restored Implement.

2019 Winners:

  • 1st Place Best Lawn & Garden – Blair Fauver
  • 2nd Place Best Lawn & Garden – Lawrence Brothers
  • 1st Place Best Original Tractor – Josh Bentley
  • 2nd Place Best Original Tractor – Harry Schaechterle
  • 1st Place Best Original Implement- Joe Nafziger
  • 1st Place Best Restored Implement – Blair Fauver
  • 1st Place Best Restored Tractor – Paul Orndorf
  • 2nd Place Best Restored Tractor – Dave & Terry Estel